Reducing the energy consumption for Bitcoin mining by 21%

By using several features together and creating two auxiliary algorithms to be used before reaching the main algorithm (SHA256), we managed to reduce the energy consumption by 21% for Bitcoin mining.
We are still trying our best to develop this project to achieve more in this field.

Bitcoin mining process in Polaro:

Who is this system suitable for ?

People looking for lucrative and permanent jobs


Business owners


Mining Bitcoin (Energy reduction up to 21%)

At Polaro, we have prepared a digital product that you can use to mine Bitcoin with 21% less energy.
We have succeeded in reducing the energy consumption in Bitcoin mining by using several different methods together, one of which is the creation of SP and SP5 algorithms.
To read the full details of the energy reduction process, click on the Details button.

Price : $4,500

Description of the mining system

Your income from this web software depends on the operating system or server (ASIC or other) that you use for bitcoin mining.
In this software, you can easily start mining bitcoins with operating system and server or cloud server.
It is very easy to connect the server and cloud server in this software, and if you are not familiar with this issue, you can send a ticket to the support department so that they can guide you completely and accurately.

Income methods

2 items

Number of members


monthly profit


affiliate marketing

After registering and confirming your user account, you can start introducing this software to other people using the special link provided to you and receive a commission.
The commission for introduction is $500 and this may change in the future.

 our goals:

Mutual income
Customer satisfaction
Easy start mining
Reducing energy consumption for mining

How to use the service

The only way to access the services is possible only through the following steps and approval of experts, all information must be the same as the specifications of the service applicant, otherwise the information will be rejected.


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Fill in the information form


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Use the desired service


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