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Terms of Use

The following terms and conditions govern your use of Polaro services.
Your use of Polaro services constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

How to contact
The way people and companies communicate with our team is mostly done through WhatsApp and email.

You can see the priority method of communication with our team below:
  • 1- Send a ticket to support
  • 2- Whatsapp
  • 3- Email
  • 4- Contact Page
  • 5- Call

Monday-Friday: 8am5pm (Ottawa time)
Sunday: Closed

Because our service is related to digital currencies and blockchain, it can be used for all ages and has no restrictions for some ages.

Rules for using mining software:

1 All fees of payment platforms are the responsibility of the buyer.

2 Refunds on products are only possible for up to 14 days.

3 Any copying or brainstorming of systems without coordination is illegal and prosecuted.

4 Telephone support is only available during office hours, otherwise it is available online.

5 Failure of the operating system during extraction is the responsibility of the customer.

6 Group use of a service is a violation in Polaro.

7 By purchasing products, you will not have access to their main source in any way and you can only benefit from their facilities.

8 If you give your password to another person and your income is taken by another person, all these cases are the responsibility of the customer (you).

9 All taxes on income earned through Polaro products are the sole responsibility of the customer (you).

10 Article 11 of the law covers taxes of all countries.

11 Any group use (multiplayer) of Polaro products is prohibited and viewing them more than twice automatically deactivates the customer service system (you).

12 If the customer uses the digital currency extraction product and enters the wallet address incorrectly and do not receive his income, it is the customer's responsibility.

13 After the expiration of the products, users have only 7 days to renew, otherwise the service will be deactivated.

14 Revenue from the introduction of individuals is deposited only when the user buys the product and the presenter does not receive any commission from subsequent purchases or revenue, and only the commission receives the first product purchased.

15 When sending a ticket for support, create each topic in a new ticket so that the relevant department can respond to that issue.

16 If you have any ideas, send it as a ticket, and if that idea can help users better and is approved, it will be implemented in future updates.

17 Polaro is by no means obliged to implement all the ideas of the users.

18 If the idea is very specific, the sender of the idea will receive a gift (this does not apply to all ideas).

19 Polaro does not guarantee specific revenue for users, users' revenue varies depending on the product and the type of operating system.

20 All costs associated with payment providers are paid by the customer.

21 It will be possible to edit these rules in the future, and after editing, the users will be notified in the news section inside the user control panel.


Payment guarantee

24-hour support

Possibility of refund

Quality assurance in products

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