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Privacy Policy

We respect the privacy and information of people who use our team's services and use many methods to protect your information and privacy.
We believe that information and privacy are very important and if your smallest information is disclosed, it can cause irreparable abuses, and that is why we are very sensitive in protecting information and privacy.
Also, we have prepared a contract for a certain part of the team members, who by signing this contract can see your information for the process of providing services, and according to the contract, they do not have the right to disclose any information.

In addition to the above explanations in the technical section, all the important things have been done to protect your information and a secure encryption layer called SSL has been used to record the information.

Privacy in identity information
First, for registration, things like your name, surname, e-mail, digital wallet are received, all this information is stored in our list on which security measures have been taken and will never be disclosed.
Also, if you use the server for mining, information such as the server's IP and country will never be revealed.

Privacy in Incomes
Information about your income through mining is not disclosed and information about other methods of income generation in Polaro is never disclosed, and all security prerequisites are done to protect your income information.
Your income list will only be disclosed when you request it or need it in specific cases and only that information will be sent to you via ticket or email.

Digital wallets
You can use multiple or single digital wallets to withdraw your earnings and we never reveal the public key associated with your wallets, these wallets are only sent to you via email or ticket when You request them.


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